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As the project manager I was responsible for prioritizing our efforts and interfacing with our client. Scoping the focus of our project was fundemental to our success given the breadth of our project. I helped research, design, and develop our functional prototype.

Contextual Interviews, Literature Review, Competitve Analysis, Data Synthesis, Paper Prototyping, Balsamiq Wireframes, Interactive HTML Prototyping, Scrum

TEAM: Louise Briguglio, Juan Gonzalez, Judith Tucker


Help organizations better understand business relationships with social network analysis

The Crossland Group is a global partnership consulting firm that helps a cross-sector clientele understand and improve where they fit in their business ecosystem. Looking to scale the services offered to their clients, my team was tasked with understanding how the mathematical field of social network analysis (SNA) could be used to help their clients build and maintain strategic business relationships. This was their first venture in creating a software product.

Using a human-centered design process, my team and I spent 8 months researching, desinging, and building an interactive prototype for my capstone project as part of my Master of Human-Computer degree from Carnegie Mellon University.


Exploring SNA while speaking with 26 organization leaders

Our team spent 3 months speaking with 26 leaders at 22 organizations about partnerships that form between businesses – from creation to on going management. We strove to understand how and why partnerships form and the problems often faced while maintaing them.

We simultaneously explored social network analysis (SNA), an originally academic discipline that analyzes the relatioships between groups or organizations which is often associated with a visual represenation referred to as a node map or sociogram. SNA tools tend to be feature-rich and not designed for day-to-day business. We completed a thorough literature review of organizational collaboration including 80 academic articles and busniess white papers.

Using various affinity models we synthesized our data to uncover recuring needs and discover opportunities for aiding in the formation and maintenance of partnerships. It was important during this entire process that we focused on identifying business opportunities that not only met the needs of The Crossland Group’s clients, but that also complemented their well established consulting practice as this was the start of their journey towards offering a software product.

breakdown of leaders we spoke to


Creating a new way to approach, visualize, and manage relationships between businesses

My team generated over 100 design ideas based upon the findings of our research. Working closely with The Crossland Group we identified two that represented the most upside to both their clients and their consulting practice. These ideas were tested and refined using storyboards. Using an agile development process we tested our early designs using paper prototypes, shifting eventually to mid-fidelity wireframes as we worked toward our final high fidelity interactive prototype.

While our final concept and design cannot be shown due to a NDA, The Crossland Group has chosen to move forward with our idea. For further information please visit the Carnegie Mellon MHCI program website, or The Crossland Group.

paper prototype

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